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Expanding Horizons – a free webinar with A.H. Almaas


In this free webinar, A. H. Almaas (Hameed Ali) explores with us what it means to expand our horizons. To go beyond what feels familiar and comfortable to us to find out who and what we truly are. The webinar will offer an opportunity to learn from the founder of the Diamond Approach and to practice what it means to expand your horizons for yourself!

Hameed also talks about the new way the teaching is being delivered with the group that is forming in Asia. The Diamond Approach Asia group will be the first to combine both in-person and online teachings with one in-person retreat each year followed by interactive teachings, groups, and private sessions all done online. This innovate approach seeks to make the teaching more accessible by reducing travel time and costs and allowing participation from all parts of the globe, while still offering the depth and breadth of the work.

About A. H. Almaas (Hameed Ali)

A. H. Almaas is the pen name of A. Hameed Ali, founder of the Diamond Approach to Self-Realization, a contemporary teaching that developed within the context of both ancient spiritual teachings and modern depth psychology theories. Almaas has authored eighteen books about spiritual realization, including the Diamond Heart series, The Pearl Beyond Price, The Void, and The Alchemy of Freedom.

He is the founder of the Ridhwan School for Spiritual Development, an inner work school devoted to the realization of True Nature. The orientation of the school is directed toward guiding students to realize their true nature to the fullest realization and further still to endless enlightenment.

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