Next Event: 2-Day Intro in Singapore

Living a Real Life • Singapore • December 2019

An Introduction to the Diamond Approach®

with Jeanne Rosenblum, Marko Rinck and Sarita Chawla

Are we living the life that we really want to live? What does our heart long for in all its dimensions — from the surface all the way to the depth?

To live a life that is real we need to be in touch with something real. Often our lives are designed around what is familiar, what is comfortable — the values and beliefs of our families and cultures. We don’t question these ideals and can drift into a groove that seems like a slightly improved version of our parents’ lives.

During this introduction, we will examine these ideals to discern what is inherited and what is truly our own heart’s desire. Our direct and immediate experience will be our guide, showing us a presence that is more fundamental than all our ideas and preferences.

Discovering what is real — this fundamental presence — and developing a taste for it can, in time, become the center that animates our lives. Our work and our relationships, our daily routines, can become infused with the truth and depth and joy of being real.


Experience the Diamond Approach

The Diamond Approach is a contemporary spiritual teaching that considers the totality of the human being. It is an original path that integrates the field of psychology and a fresh paradigm about our spiritual nature. We value the importance of self-realization and living a mature human life.


What are we going to do?

In order to give you an experiential taste of the work of the Diamond Approach we invite you for a two-day introduction in Singapore. In these two days we will focus on living a real life: what limits this real life, and how can we support its expansion and deepening.

There will be teachings, experiential exercises done in groups, and meditation. We will have time for questions and comments as well. You will also have the opportunity to book a one hour private session with a Diamond Approach teacher, available in the days following the introduction.


Ongoing Group

Currently there is an ongoing Diamond Approach group which meets twice a year in June and December in Chiang Mai, Thailand. This introduction in Singapore can be a good opportunity to see if you might be interested to join this group, and to get know the teachers better.



Jeanne Rosenblum is a teacher of the Diamond Approach since the 1980’s. She leads Diamond Approach Asia and other groups in the United States and Europe.



Marko Rinck is a student of the Diamond Approach since 1996 and a Diamond Approach teacher since 2015. As a teacher he leads groups and gives private sessions. He has a special connection with Singapore since his parents lived there for over a decade.


Sarita has been a student of the Diamond Approach since 2001 and a teacher since 2015. She is also a Senior Faculty for New Ventures West, an Integral Coaching school and has taught in many parts of the world, including Singapore.



When:     December 17 & 18, 2019  •  9:30-12:30 and 2:00-5:00 each day

Where:   SCWO,  96 Waterloo St, Singapore 187967

Cost:        USD 150

Private Session Registration

Please send an email to Marko stating that you would like to book a private session. New participants get a reduced private session price of SGD 100.