Thailand Retreat 2019 – Overview

Thailand Retreat 2019

June 29 – July 6

We are happy to announce that our next Diamond Approach Asia retreat will be in Chiang Mai, Thailand from June 29 to July 6, 2019.

Our retreat will begin the evening of June 29 and ends after lunch on July 6. If you would like to attend, please register immediately to secure a spot at the retreat.

To be a participant in the 2019 Thailand Retreat you must complete the 3-part registration process below:

1. Retreat Registration & Fee Payment with DA Asia

2. Room Registration & Payment with Horizon Village & Resort

3. Email Hotel Receipt to Our Retreat Administrator

Click the button below to complete these three steps and register for the 2019 retreat now.

Retreat Logistics

Check-in and registration
On the day you arrive at the hotel, you will need to both check-in with the hotel front desk and register your attendance at the retreat desk. The front desk staff will direct you to the retreat desk.

Retreat start and end times
The first meeting begins at 19:00 on June 29, and the last meeting ends at 12:00 on July 6. The first meal served is dinner at 18:00 prior to the first meeting. The last meal is lunch at 12:00 following the last meeting.

Retreat schedule
There will be two teaching/practice sessions (about 3 hours each) for the whole group on each of the 6 full days of the retreat, and one teaching/practice session on the first and last days. Additionally, there will be 3 meetings in smaller sub-groups and one hour-long scheduled private session time. There will be a sign-up sheet for those who wish to have additional private sessions. The exact schedule will be available at the registration desk when you arrive at the retreat. You should not plan other activities during the retreat, although you will find there is some unscheduled time for resting, walking, writing, etc.

Retreat recordings
All large group teaching sessions are recorded. The recordings will be available for download soon after the retreat. There is a charge of USD 25 for these recordings (for those who attended).

Retreat Recordings are for review only and downloaded files must not be copied or shared, even with other students in the group. This is a school-wide policy and we ask that you honor it.